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So this is a handful of what I think I know... 1. Hands speak volumes. 2. Wine is cheaper than water. 3. Life is slower paced. 4. Food is AMAZING. 5. Italian men love all women and don't hesitate to say it loudly. My adventure begins Jan 12 in Florence, Italy, as a student at SACI (Studio Art Center International) having come from American University, in Washington, DC. While our nation's capital may have a plethora of monuments and history, it's nothing compared to standing a few feet away and gazing up at David, or so I've been told. (I'll let you know.) I continue my European exploration with my twin sister when our semesters end. We plan to take our backpacks into and over as many countries and borders as possible before landing for a few weeks revisiting Madrid. I hope to use this blog as a personal journal to keep track of my travels, but feel free to read along! Al prossimo anno! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Charli the Stowaway

It's the night before it all begins, and though I'm tremendously excited, I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long one. I have 2 transfer flights before I get to Florence, (supposedly Wednesday morning) however, each city I transfer at is having a snow storm as I speak. :/

Alexa left tonight making the whole thing seem much more real. She won't be back in this house for another 7 months... same for me starting tomorrow morning. Though I am soooo ready, having been packed for days now, the goodbyes I've been saying for the past month are now, actually, goodbye. Know that I will miss all my family and friends an unbelievable amount but hope to see many overseas! Ciao!

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